Houses for sale in florida and new locations in florida 2023

You are getting a wonderful 4,310sqft house in Florida for just $1,985,000

Florida location 1244 Carpazi Ct Apt 1, Naples, FL 34105 you are getting a very beautiful home size 1,877sqft for only $464,000

1515 N Laura St, Jacksonville, FL 32206 Florida 1,980sqft property is on sale for just $325,000

This 2,345sqft home is available for just $405,000 at 776 Constitution Pl, Macclenny, FL 32063.

You are getting this house in florida for only $259,900 its size is 627sqft which is very beautiful

2102 Lucaya Bnd Apt H4, Coconut Creek, FL 33066 Area, you are getting this beautiful house for only $179,900 in size spread over a total area of 1,156sqft

You are getting this house at Marina San Pablo Pl, Jacksonville, FL 32224 for only $1,080,000. Its total size is 2,320sqft

You can also find a house in Chicago Plotdekho.